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The Shape Of You

Health & Wellness Spa

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About Us

The Shape of You is an organic-based health and wellness spa, providing a variety of services ranging from non-invasive body contour and weight loss treatments to detoxifying therapies to energy healing. 


Our purpose is to bring the best natural wellness techniques from around the world to promote a healthier and more balanced life for our clients.


Once you enter into our tranquil environment, you’ll be transported into a peaceful world of holistic healing with our tailor made, multi-treatment therapies that will reenergize your body and spirit and leave you feeling balanced, confident, beautiful, and motivated to achieve your health and wellness goals.

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The treatment was AMAZING! I was finally able to say goodbye to that last stubborn bit around my waist!

- Katy B.


I feel so much more confident from the results - this really helped me jump-start my health and fitness transformation.

 - Yinneth A.

This was necessary as part of my post-op recovery process, but I didn't realize how much more results it would help me achieve.

- Rachel


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